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Why Are Our Parts Different? (and better)

We are surprised at how many brands are out there selling so called "high performance timing sets" with crankshaft sprockets that are not even hardened. Some are just virgin steel and some have the appearance of being heat treated, but are not actually hardened. Some are powdered metal.

Progear crankshaft sprockets are made from 1141 steel and are all hardened to 50 Rc.

But we wanted to be better. On the 3000 and 4000 series not only is the crank sprocket hardened, the camshaft sprocket is heat treated as well.

We also saw that the other sprockets being sold were full of razor sharp edges. Viewed through a jeweler's loupe these sprockets are full of hanging burrs, many of which will end up in the oil pump. All Progear sprockets are vibratory tumbled. All steel sprockets are hand filed and then vibratory tumbled twice--once before heat treat and again after heat treat. This knocks off any hanging burrs, eliminates sharp edges and removes heat treat scale. It also peens and work hardens the surfaces for more durability.

No other manufacturers that we know of take the time to vibratory finish the sprockets. Only Progear.

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